Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Lazy... Just Busy

It would seem as though my poor blog has been neglected, yet again, for a month! Some good news, though; I have received more blogging beads from These beautiful Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendants are blue, as a tongue-in-cheek, anti-Valentine's Day theme. I know too many military wives whose husbands are on deployment, that I just couldn't stand the thought of happy and pink this year. Sorry. I will be making a necklace and earrings set from these, as time permits... (these pics are directly from

The clasp that I have chosen is quite unique, and the design I have drawn out uses it as an "inverse"... so that it will be the focal of the necklace. This clasp can be found in the Sterling Silver Clasps section, by following the "Toggle" and "Heart" links. Though you may want to wander through the entire section, just to admire the vast selection of clasps!!
I am posting these pics to show you where my creations start... just from the sight of these fantastic items. As I have not yet completed my design, you will need to wait to see my finished pieces... Ah, the joy of something to look forward to! You know I'll blog again!!

** And to make the FTC happy... I did receive these products free of charge from, so that I could review them honestly; and I was not paid in any way for my opinions. **