Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Next Random Post

It's been months... life has been in full swing, and I've been up to here with stuff to do and stuff to procrastinate. Stuff to do; moving from CA to OR, unpacking, registering the kids for school, and trying to find my beading supplies. Stuff to procrastinate; unpacking, writing a blog, making anything from my beading supplies.

Now don't take that the wrong way... I LOVE to make my pretties. Somehow not everything got packed into the same boxes... and there is so much still to find, like findings and wire and such. I have some of the crystals out and have been staring at them for the better part of three weeks. Perhaps something awesome will come of that. I will keep you up to speed, and post pics, as soon as I have something to show you!

In my life outside of beading, I have been reading, and watching movies, and making new friends in our new neighborhood. I am learning that this area is pretty historic, even if it is still very small town... On the weekends we go hiking and to the beach.

And on that easy note... until next time. Perhaps less than six months from now!!