Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally Finshed - The Pendant Project

Here IT Is! The photo that I've submitted to the SoftFlex Company's "Flex Your Creativity" Beading Contest... IT is The Pendant Project that I have been promising for weeks for Artbeads Jewelry Supplies, from their Swarovski Pendants collection. I have had so much fun putting this piece together, and am totally grateful to Artbeads for asking me to join their blogging team!!

There are some more detailed pics, but this is the first of five that I have submitted to SoftFlex for the contest. Several of the others pics will be listed at the bottom of this post!

One of the rules for the contest was that the picture could not be "on a person"... so that "blew" the first photo I took (and LOVED)! Though, I am overall, very happy with this piece; there were a few "little tweaks" that I would liked to have made. I could NOT do so because completing this was making my nerves, as well as my fingers, raw! And the excitement of finishing the piece was so overwhelming, that it became hard to tie the knots for the "floating" aspect on the three strands of wire.

I used the SoftFlex wire Trio in "Extreme" as I thought it fit the piece beautifully. I certainly hope that I have captured "Volcanic" and "elegant" with this one! Do let me know what you think, in the comments section, below!

Here are some detailed photos... not ones that were allowed for submission, (as the piece is on a person.) Please note, the bail that I have used is NOT from Artbeads, they were out of stock; I found this one at Rings & Things (Thanks, guys, for having it in stock and getting it to me so quickly!!)

I hope you have enjoyed the anticipation, and now the end result, of these weeks of creativity. I know that there is no other way I would have liked to spend this time.

Thanks for reading, and remember; you can find me online at and Look for this piece, (and many others, including the "matching" earrings) to be listed in my ArtFire studio in the coming days...

ArtFire where listing and selling are always FREE!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The NEXT Big Thing

So hubby's birthday is next week... and he doesn't "do" jewelry. How hard is that?! Well, let me tell you, I figured out how to give him a jewelry piece that I know he'll love! Thanks go to for having a steel pendant I know he'll "wear" that I have used to create something "totally different"!

If you can't tell, it's a money clip. But I can totally see doing this with other "non-jewelry" types of products, too! I can envision a lot. But I do think the non-jewelry will have to be "Custom" or "by request" only... visit either of my websites to make those requests; AlsoMrsB's Art Fire Studio or AlsoMrsB's Etsy Shop.

I love to work with all sorts of things and people, these days. The Pendant Project, (for,) that has yet to be posted, will now additionally be incorporating the SoftFlex Company's Wire Trio in "Extreme" for their Flex Your Creativity Beading Contest.

I knew the minute that I saw the "Extreme" wires that they were PERFECT for the Pendant I was in the middle of! Okay, so I have to "re-string" the pendant and a few components... but it is so close to done, that you will finally see it (as early as Tuesday) when the contest is over. I will post to this blog, the submitted entry photo! I also hope to be able to let you know that I am a "winner" of one of their fabulous prizes! (I'm crossing my fingers, but not my wires! LOL!)

'Til then, friends, I bid you good beading and blogging!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh, HAPPY Day!!

YEAH! Hubby fixed the camera!

Now, I can happily take pictures of the COOL stuff I got from Artbeads out of their Swarovski crystal beads section.

I want to show you some earrings that I am creating to "go with" the fabulous necklace that I am creating in conjunction with my Artbeads Blog Partnership! As they are also from the Swarovski crystal beads section. I have themed this soon-to-be-set "Volcanic", as it is hot and explosive!

I am pairing the sultry "Jet" color beads with the HOT new color "Red Magma" beads and stringing them with gold components for a look that reminds me of a volcano. There may be another addition of "smoke"; I haven't quite decided, yet. And, as I forgot to place a pendant bail in my order of pieces and parts for this particular pendant, it seems that I have a small measure of time to "play with my beads” to get the look just right!! In the meantime, here are three pairs of earrings you might like to let your imagination take off with; they will all look splendid with the upcoming necklace!

You will be able to find these and other unique gifts at my studio, or at Artfire’s Gift Hub page.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh, no! NO Camera?!

Another week, another $100 of ordered beads! You might think I would have more items listed in my two shops, at Etsy and Art Fire. I will most assuredly put up new listings, as soon as I get a new camera or borrow one from a friend. I will happily post more listings!

My kids have dropped my camera one too many times, so it no longer focuses for me to "get the right shot" for my jewelry! Everything has been coming out blurry or "moving". I know my jewelry moves with the sway of a body, but I don't think that it moves by itself! LOL!

I have been proud of my pictures, up until this last batch where I had to delete all but one. I've had professional photographers tell me that my pictures are "nice"; (I read that as, "pretty good for an amateur".) My last batch looked like I was throwing the camera. Everything had "drag lines". Only one picture had enough focus to see, but not good enough to post.

Alas, I am without photos for a little while. I suppose this will give you, my reader, something to look forward to in my next post. Or a big reason to check my shop when I announce new listings!

So, this will be a short and sweet checking in, and checking out... until I have more photos, or my newest blog project comes in. Oh, yes. New blog project… I have been invited to partner with and I have chosen some very special things to (hopefully) show you, and an incredibly special thing to make!! (I will RENT a camera if I have to for this next project!!)