Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Handmade Holidays - Everyone Should Have One!

I'm not sure what I'm doing between now and then... perhaps "just some beading"! Hahahaha. This year no one that I know is getting a "purchased" gift. I have scads of stuff that I can use to create all my gifts and tags. And all of my wrapping papers are at least vintage, if not antique! LOL!

It seems ages since I've posted here... and I look... and yes, it's been a month, now. Wow. It is Autumn already. I am smelling the change in the air, too . This is my all time favorite season. It is my personal preparation time for "the Holidays".

I used to go out to the malls and hit the stores looking for the perfect things. These days, I don't like the rush, or the crowds, or the lingering feel "those people" leave in their wakes. I've had enough of bullying my way to a decimated display to find the last of an item that has been opened and abused!

This year... all handmade. For everyone, including myself! Santa has these terrific little elf friends, and they LOVE to craft and design with the best of us... I have found several of my own "elf friends" on ArtFire.com!! Check out these ArtFire Artisans for some fabulous finds to have your own Handmade Holiday!!

For the BEST in handmade soaps, lotions and facial products, shop with Heathens Hearth. Their soaps are decadent but won't break your bank! Amy and Misty are truly queens of Customer Service!

For some of the prettiest choker style necklaces that I have seen, check out Archeress Arts!

Here's a GEM of a Studio! For nature inspired copper and polymer clay jewelry, check out Emily Claire Creations.

My ALL TIME favorite for hats, and knitting patterns for hats, is Pixiebell She has a VAST selection of styles as well as all the "happening" colors for the seasons! You won't be disappointed with these chapots!

I'm still "doing my thing" in my ArtFire Studio.

Check out the newest search-able features on ArtFire.com.


  1. I agree; my nieces and nephew probably will never get a store bought item from me again (especially after last years excitement with the jammies I made them). Artfire is fantastic for handmade gifts! And I love all the shops you listed too!

  2. Oh wow. Thank you so much for featuring my chokers!

    Just as a little reminder - even though I've posted this in my shop blog, there's LOTS of stuff happening with my shop. I've put a bunch of notes in my Etsy shop announcement, but the simple version is:

    Prices going up 11-16 (boo), Free First Class Shipping sale from 11-27 to 12-24 (yay), Complimentary Delivery confirmation for US orders beginning 11-16 (yay), NEW line of hair sticks going into my Artfire and a local brick and mortar handmade consignment shop starting in November (yay), and other goodies in the works.

    Things have really been busy. I can't wait for the holiday shopping season either, and LOVE buying handmade gifts for friends & family for Christmas.

    BTW. I am sold on Heathens Hearth, after my first purchase there (mojito sugar scrub). I'm eyeballing their arctic ice soap next....

    :) Have a wonderful handmade holiday, and again, thank you.