Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh, Lookie, A New Post!

Oh, Good Glory! It's been over a month!!

Not that I have forgotten about you all, my good readers, I have simply forgotten about life. Nope, I'm not gonna "whine"... I need to give that up.

I am going to, again, extol the virtues of "Blogging for Beaders" and my friends over at who have again, so graciously, invited me to be part of their blogging team!! AND ~ they are so smart over there ~ they are now offering MY READERS the opportunity to partake of "the goods"... I am authorized to run a contest/giveaway for an $25.00 email gift certificate!! So I am open to suggestions, as I have not yet hosted a giveaway... I have seen them done, and am always amazed at the creativity involved. Leave me a comment with your suggestion for what type of contest you think I ought to host, and perhaps we can get one going...

Meantime - I have put together another piece with the help of my friends over at and am desperately trying to share it with you... but my dang camera is acting up again!! So I am going to let you know about the components that I have used by sending you over to the Cubic Zirconia section. And, I'll keep this one short and sweet, so that I can spend more time kicking my camera and looking for a new one!! (Really I'm not going to kick the camera, it's the only one I have!! But I must get a new one...)

While you are checking out all of the CZ offerings at - make sure you look at the pendants, here; as I have partnered a long teardrop pendant with multiple bezel links found here, and a beautifully simple clasp, here. When you have your shopping cart filled use the following code for a 10% discount, too!! SCF10P-ARTBEADS-0424 It's good through the end of the year, December 31, 2009.

Here's the *~bad~* picture that came about of the simple CZ piece...
And, as if you couldn't tell, but I must... what with the new FTC disclosures; all of the Cubic Zirconia pieces used, in addition to the Sterling Silver crimps and Sterling Silver crimp covers, were given to me, free of charge, by, as a member of their blogging team, so that I may review the products and give my honest opinion of using them.

You can always find pieces for sale in my Studio.

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