Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've been *Working*

I know that it's hard to believe, but, really, I've made a few things. I've even got pics! (Though I don't think they do much justice for the pieces.)

One of my all time favorite suppliers, for beading and blogging, Artbeads.com, offered up the theme "Winter Enchantment"... and I took hold. I didn't "go crazy" but I found a few things in my bead stash (check these out, I went with the bicone 6301) and ordered some "glitz", in the form of silver stardust beads, and my first piece became a necklace. I am particularly fond of the toggle clasp closure being a "ski-pole"!! (found here)

And then I really had some fun... I went from 'snow', to 'fireplace' pretty quickly... and needed to actually FIND some 'fire' looking STUFF! I went, of course, directly to the Swarovski Beads to browse some color combinations. I found my "go-to" bead, 4mm bicone in fire opal, and knew that I couldn't do "the same old thing"... so I kept browsing. I found these, Graphic Cubes. They are available in a plethora of size and color options! Some colors struck me... I was seeing roaring cabin fires, and cozied-up-with-loved-ones-on-the-beach fires, and feeling overall in the spirit of 'Winter Enchantment'... With all that energy, I (re)created FIRE in a bracelet, (check out this TOGGLE CLASP!) and put together some matching earrings. For those rare occasions when a necklace won't do.

I am hoping to get some better pictures... these are so spectacular in the light; the way the colors dance and look like flames, was everything I had hoped for!

I gave a valiant attempt at getting them together in a pic... on my wrist, here;

I did put together another bracelet... though, I do believe that I will save it's debut for another time. Between the Snowflake and the Fire, I think I have put enough eye candy up here for now.

I have not listed these in any of my shops... leave me a comment, with an email address to reach you, if you'd like more information on anything here.

** And to make the FTC happy... I did receive many of these products free of charge from Artbeads.com, so that I could review them honestly. I was not paid by any financial means for my opinions. **


  1. I like the exposed beading wire on the first design.

  2. I've ordered from Artbeads and they are terrific!!
    You designs are very nice! I know how hard it is sometimes to photograph jewelry. A friend of mine just gave me a wonderful gift... a lightbox! It's going to come in handy on rainy days. :)

  3. Lovely pieces. I look forward to seeing more!