Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 - A New Direction

My statistics page says that 21 of you follow my blog... I hope you're all still here!

This new year I am embarking on a radical new journey... and it will definitely affect this blog.

I am about to start an online class for certification in Energy Healing. As an already certified Kundalini Reiki master, I am truly looking forward to this class and all that I will learn in the next nine months.

If you want details on this class, check out the blog: Reiki Awakening or visit the website: Reiki Awakening If you would like to help me with tuition for the class, please look here: Distance Reiki Session Reiki is for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, and benefits everyone, even those that "don't believe in it".

For those of you that follow my blog for my jewelry, do not despair, I will continue to make shiny, sparkly baubles with beads. I will, however, be "charging" new pieces with Reiki energy, and positive intent. I may change some of the materials that I work with, and the overall "tone" of what I create, but I am certain this is a direction that will be acceptable to all. (Especially to my *favorite* suppliers; they won't change.) And I will still post pieces I create.

I am looking forward to bringing all 21 of you along on my new adventure... and perhaps picking up some new folks along the way... Thanks for checking out my page today!!

Love and light, always,


  1. Sounds like quite an adventure for you. I'll admit I know nothing about this stuff, but I wish you well in your journey!

  2. Well how interesting is this.... I have occasionally followed 'Reiki Awakening' but from my other blog with a Reiki theme. I don't post regularly there though. Must change that! :)
    I received my Mastership certificate earlier this year. It's been a wonderful journey. I, too, create jewelry and am infusing a couple of the pieces with Reiki.
    I will add this blog to the sidebar of my jewelry blog so I can follow your wonderful designs.