Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The NEXT Big Thing

So hubby's birthday is next week... and he doesn't "do" jewelry. How hard is that?! Well, let me tell you, I figured out how to give him a jewelry piece that I know he'll love! Thanks go to Artbeads.com for having a steel pendant I know he'll "wear" that I have used to create something "totally different"!

If you can't tell, it's a money clip. But I can totally see doing this with other "non-jewelry" types of products, too! I can envision a lot. But I do think the non-jewelry will have to be "Custom" or "by request" only... visit either of my websites to make those requests; AlsoMrsB's Art Fire Studio or AlsoMrsB's Etsy Shop.

I love to work with all sorts of things and people, these days. The Pendant Project, (for Artbeads.com,) that has yet to be posted, will now additionally be incorporating the SoftFlex Company's Wire Trio in "Extreme" for their Flex Your Creativity Beading Contest.

I knew the minute that I saw the "Extreme" wires that they were PERFECT for the Pendant I was in the middle of! Okay, so I have to "re-string" the pendant and a few components... but it is so close to done, that you will finally see it (as early as Tuesday) when the contest is over. I will post to this blog, the submitted entry photo! I also hope to be able to let you know that I am a "winner" of one of their fabulous prizes! (I'm crossing my fingers, but not my wires! LOL!)

'Til then, friends, I bid you good beading and blogging!

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  1. What a great idea for a gift for a guy! It is so hard to figure out what to give to them that is handmade.
    Thanks :)