Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh, no! NO Camera?!

Another week, another $100 of ordered beads! You might think I would have more items listed in my two shops, at Etsy and Art Fire. I will most assuredly put up new listings, as soon as I get a new camera or borrow one from a friend. I will happily post more listings!

My kids have dropped my camera one too many times, so it no longer focuses for me to "get the right shot" for my jewelry! Everything has been coming out blurry or "moving". I know my jewelry moves with the sway of a body, but I don't think that it moves by itself! LOL!

I have been proud of my pictures, up until this last batch where I had to delete all but one. I've had professional photographers tell me that my pictures are "nice"; (I read that as, "pretty good for an amateur".) My last batch looked like I was throwing the camera. Everything had "drag lines". Only one picture had enough focus to see, but not good enough to post.

Alas, I am without photos for a little while. I suppose this will give you, my reader, something to look forward to in my next post. Or a big reason to check my shop when I announce new listings!

So, this will be a short and sweet checking in, and checking out... until I have more photos, or my newest blog project comes in. Oh, yes. New blog project… I have been invited to partner with and I have chosen some very special things to (hopefully) show you, and an incredibly special thing to make!! (I will RENT a camera if I have to for this next project!!)

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  1. Oh, the dreaded camera problems. Mine is close to being where yours is from my brother dropping it too many times. Good luck with finding a new one. :)

    And congrats on the partnership! Sounds vry exciting. Can't wait to see those special things.