Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh, HAPPY Day!!

YEAH! Hubby fixed the camera!

Now, I can happily take pictures of the COOL stuff I got from Artbeads out of their Swarovski crystal beads section.

I want to show you some earrings that I am creating to "go with" the fabulous necklace that I am creating in conjunction with my Artbeads Blog Partnership! As they are also from the Swarovski crystal beads section. I have themed this soon-to-be-set "Volcanic", as it is hot and explosive!

I am pairing the sultry "Jet" color beads with the HOT new color "Red Magma" beads and stringing them with gold components for a look that reminds me of a volcano. There may be another addition of "smoke"; I haven't quite decided, yet. And, as I forgot to place a pendant bail in my order of pieces and parts for this particular pendant, it seems that I have a small measure of time to "play with my beads” to get the look just right!! In the meantime, here are three pairs of earrings you might like to let your imagination take off with; they will all look splendid with the upcoming necklace!

You will be able to find these and other unique gifts at my studio, or at Artfire’s Gift Hub page.

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