Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life Gets In The Way

This isn't the prettiest of posts, and I apologize, but I need to get this out. It has taken me over a week to type this, as I keep revising while I'm writing... I have not used this venue to vent, yet. I'm finding it difficult to do so, not wanting to "burden" you, my readers. At the same time, I want you to know that things are happening in this life that are causing me great duress. I have not been "working" with my beads or my posts, for a number of reasons.

I can tell jokes that make people laugh in the middle of the most macabre, or sad times. I can "breathe pink" and speak in "silver linings" in the darkest of spaces... I am having the damndest time putting my beads on posts and wires and strings, due to circumstances beyond my control, lately. I want so very much to be able to create the beauty that I see in my bead box... I want so much to be able to share it with others... And then there is the "impasse". I am seemingly stuck.

It seems every time that I make plans to sit down with my beads these days, life gets in the way. I really need to learn how to create through chaos. If you know how to do this please contact me... I have been battling my own personal demons for a while now, and cannot seem to find a way to make my pretty beads and baubles; and this bothers me greatly. I have pearls, I have Swarovski crystals, I have wire, I have findings and charms. I seem to be missing the "something" that puts them together.

So, in an attempt to "shake it up", I went to the Rings & Things Bead Tour Show.

I found some pretties to string. Not that you can tell from this picture, but there are some gorgeous "blue goldstone" beads along with some white pearls that are begging to be put into a Holiday Theme. I also found several terrific "silver dipped" pendant leaves to be used as focals.

I've put them on my stringing board, with the intent of entering Rings & Things contest "Your Designs Rock". I've gotten excited about getting in on the Early Bird and New Entrant raffles... in addition to the Grand Prize of $750 credit at Rings & Things!!

So, perhaps I've been "shaken up" a little... Things aren't improving as fast as I'd like in my "bead-i-verse"... But I'm working on it. Now I'll just go and get to work.

As always, check out my Studio, there's new things gonna happen there, too!


  1. To paraphrase one of the founding fathers, "Hold fast to the spirit of beads - - let years to come do what they may!"

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

  2. Dsve has it right. it will come back. do something totally fun and different that you have always wanted to do.

    “sent here on a marvelous surf via”