Friday, July 24, 2009

No Really It's a Whine --

So, it's been longer than a week... I had wanted to be able to "Whine" daily, but it seems almost like I have a life. I really don't. I guess I'll be the "Weakly Whine" instead! *laughin*

These are the things I've been "dealing with" in the time I've been away. I've been battling with my "illness", and learned that a good family friend passed away, on top of the fact that my "little sister's" got married and the funeral and the wedding were the same day! So here I am "Whining" about "things" in my life that aren't bold enough to be jewelry! The nerve of me!

NO! Not jewelry! Eegads~! How can that be?!

Alright. Okay... I hear the clamoring. I'll "whine" about my next project, instead!

I just got a TON (maybe a pound and half) of pearl beads, in a rainbow of colors!

Though, I am still waiting on some findings that I ordered to arrive. I order findings and charms and pearls, and chain, from a veritable plethora of places/people. Some get here quicker than others.

For instance, I ordered some things from a mother in Singapore, it took 6 days to arrive, and I had to go to the post office to pick up the parcel. I ordered some things from upstate Washington, it took the same six days to arrive... Is one better than the other? What gives on the whole speed of post, anyway? I have purchased items from a shop in New York, and those arrive in three to four days! Another business in Washington state gets things to me within TWO days! I give up on the whole time thing... and just look for the mail truck, now!

I get very excited to see our postal carrier, I don't even care if it is "our usual" carrier. With as much as I have ordered in the last month, I should have a package or parcel every single day. Ha! So keep watching my posts... I'll have LOTS of stuff show you! And remember to check out my shop on Etsy, and my ArtFire Studio!!

Help me out by pu
rchasing a bauble!
And send your friends over, too!!
Holidays are coming quickly!

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