Saturday, July 4, 2009

The First of Daily Whine

So, actually the reason I finally started this "little adventure" was because of a contest...

Contests usually catch my eye, and when they involve my favorite handcraft-ing sellers and $100 shopping sprees; well, it's a sure thing, I'm in. So, here it is, The Daily Whine, all thanks to and their facebook fan page contest for a $100 shopping spree.

I'm gonna let you all in on my secret; I LOVE TO SHOP! Did you catch that? I am absolutely a fanatic about looking at and for things on the internet. I very rarely have moeny to purchase the things I covet, but I will spend DAYS looking in shops and studios, dreaming of holding the items before my eyes.

I'm going to take you on a short trip. I promise you'll enjoy it... we're going to SHOP at Art Fire! We are going to browse, together, through one of my MOST FAVORITE studios: Gypsy Lady Hats. Click this:

Let me see if I can link in a couple of pics for you to oggle;

You see, that wasn't so bad... Now, if you'd like the chance to ACTUALLY SHOP with me on, then go to their facebook fanpage here: and tell them you're a FAN!! At the end of the month of July, one lucky blog posting fan and one even luckier, "like-er" will be chosen to have $100 shopping sprees. There's more... but you'll have to check it out for yourself. And, please, if you're on my friends list, and you're reading this post; PLEASE FOR PETE'S SAKE, "like" my post on the facebook fanpage at
A girl's gotta have a dream.
Today, my dream is a little bitty shopping spree on for $100... 
I could dream a little dream for a day or two.
More Whin-ing later... now is time for sleeping!

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