Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whine Time is it Late or is it Early?

For me the best time to be at ease (in my own home!) is LATE at night, when everyone is in bed; hopefully fast asleep. Now when you look at the clock, for the time that I actually post "the Whine" it is after 2:30am. Is this LATE or is this EARLY? And when does the change differentiate? Does it matter if I'm on a different coast, or in the mid-west? And does it involve complex math? Today I don't give a hoonanny... I'm up and I'm writing! (this was July 5th sometime after 3am)

(this is July 6th sometime after 3am PDT)
Today's "Whine" is about Peaceful Freedom...

I recently got introduced to a quote from Malcolm X, "You cannot separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has freedom."

And on this holiday weekend(ed) that our country celebrates it's freedom from Monarchy, we are fighting (a war) for peace and freedom, in yet another country, still.

This brings me to many more rhetorical questions... only a couple of which are truly tongue-in-cheek... and by now it's too late to remember them...

It's been a FULL twenty-four hours since I started this particular post, until now... So I will simply tell you a little bit about my peacefully free weekend. I have been pretty busy with the family branches.

Husband has been sullen since I stated that I did NOT want a bicycle because my finances are non-compliant. (I currently have a little bit of reverse cash flow in my life...) He, however, feels that the quality family time would out weigh the financial 'burden'... it would have been on HIS credit card. Call me crazy; but
this phrase is one I constantly hear from him, "NOTHING GOES ON THE CREDIT CARD!" So I thought that I stepped up by opting out of another debt for our household. Apparently not. He hasn't spoken to me in days. And, although it's peaceful, it certainly is not free.

I've spent ample time with my children over this weekend, (not that I don't have them with me every day...) but we've actually LEFT THE HOUSE. The entire family, including Grandma, (my Mom) participated in a community event, today. We thoroughly enjoyed the sunny weather, with a touch of breeze at the San Diego Embarcadero, while taking in a special performance of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra (directed by Marvin Hamlisch) there were some musical guests and bonuses, as well. It was a beautiful day with beautiful music, and it was FREE though not totally peaceful. Because just
before the concert started there was an entire squadron of helicopters that flew over our venue. It was truly awesome... I caught someone's passing comment; it was very relieving to know that this particular squadron was not just ON our team BUT WAS OUR TEAM.

The comment was fleeting, but hit a nerve, for sure... "Isn't it a blessing to know that those are "our troops" and they are waving only to say "hello"." Wow. I had to catch my breath and realize that this person had been in war zones, and seen it the other way, at least once. And I did say a prayerful note of thanks, out loud, for my (our) freedom. To assemble (peaceably)
with my (whole) family, to speak (freely) with others and not worry about what is said, to be listening to (several types) of music played by all types of musicians on many instruments, (and to be 'allowed' to dance badly). It was truly an amazing day. Again, let me state, it was FREE but not totally peaceful.

I believe that I have completely understood what Malcolm X meant by his words. I believe that it only took me a nano-second as I watched those helicopters fly over; those people are PROTECTING my freedom, so I can be at PEACE fully. Know freedom, know peace. No freedom, no peace.

Bright blessings, to all. May your day today be peaceful and free.

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  1. Thank you for this reflection on freedom and peace. This is good for any time of year. Grateful the quote inspired you!