Monday, July 13, 2009

Free Gift ~ No Purchase Necessary!

First let me get the truth out of the way; I have been unavoidably detained from Whine-ing these last few days by a combination of factors; not the least of which was a "broken" computer... I DROPPED it! Then I made plans, hard plans, to write; and wouldn't you know (God) laughed... Then we were off on the family Disneyland trip, and me without a laptop! Finally, here I am... and here's your (not-so) Daily Whine!!

I have to say that there is nothing wrong with asking for "free stuff", and there is certainly nothing wrong with getting "free stuff" ~ Especially when there are no "strings" attached. But I'm a BEAD-ER! I have LOTS of strings, and stringing material, and I'm not afraid to use it!

Case in point; I have a friend on Twitter, that happens to work at/for Rings & Things. He was 'tweeting' about his day at work, that he was mailing out orders to customers, and I teasingly let him know that he could "mail me some beads, too". The next thing I know, I have this GROOVY compilation of findings and beads from Rings & Things and some great ideas (in the works) from looking at these NEW components!! Here is just one piece that I have already put together...

And I've only just begun...

"Christmas in July" is coming up on and I am taking part in it! I just need six more hands (that know what they're doing!!) and maybe 20 hours to CREATE! You can look through and find all kinds of things for "early shopping" or purchase for yourself. Wander over to and search for "Christmas in July Sale" or "CJIS" in the tags... You may find your lucky star!

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