Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Whine ~

Well, you may have noticed some "new ads", here. A girl's gotta do... anyway. They shouldn't affect (us) much, they are after all, just another way for me to attempt positive influx of $$. I spend entirely too much of my current negative income on beads and findings. So, I decided a little boost couldn't hurt.

Yes, not all of my beads and findings are from asking for free-bies. I do pay some pretty pennies for my pretties. My attempt is for unique, inspiring art, that you can wear. I buy mostly from close-outs, and re-purpose a lot of "old" jewelry to create my entirely unique, and one-of-a-kind's. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that soon, one of you, may want to liberate my precious baubles, to live with you. Everything I craft is built with love, and great attention to detail. You've seen a few of my pieces, you know, what I'm saying.

So, I was requested, when I first joined to fashion a "steampunk" piece; as a challenge for stepping out of my"comfort zone"... I found some amazing things to put together, and I think I've finished my first piece. Now, I just need to find the right black velvet cording to finish this as a necklace. I call this piece Summer's Moon: Flight of Freedom. Let me show you...

The pictures here do absolutely no justice to the true beauty of this star! In order to add comfort to the creativity of this, I fixed the back of a pocket watch casing to the back of the piece. There are two very nice 1/2 carat equivelent rhinestones placed into the center points of this star. The dangles are opalite (moonstone), and iolite colored Swarovski crystal. In the center of the larger, darker butterfly is a heart shaped metal bead, that seems to me to show the joy of freedom in flight. And I always find the moon to be a lovely place, for dreaming, for venturing; and the stars are a wonderful mode for transport.

Challenge of life: step out of your comfort zone... ask for something unexpected, do something you've not done, fly freely... to the Summer Moon.

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